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Downloaded this to use in areas without signal cuz so many websites said it was the best of these types of apps.Two of us made accounts, set it all up, went to private message each other...========= Features =========• Works even without any Internet connection, mobile phone coverage , or data plan• Instantly send messages and photos to anyone around you• Send private messages that only you and the recipient(s) can read thanks to end-to-end encryption• Send private messages to a group (up to 50 people) • Instantly create live chatrooms for discussions on any topic with a few people or as many as tens of thousands of simultaneous users • Type a hashtag in any message to automatically create a new chatroom• Public chatrooms and private messages work both offline and online• Devices connect directly with one another within 200 feet of their location• Multihop and store-and-forward technology create larger networks when several people use Fire Chat• Works on i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch• Fire Chat is enhanced for i OS 9Fire Chat has been featured by CNN, the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, USA Today, Time, and many more around the world. We have international data plan, but on the ship this works great to keep in touch with everyone in our party.

This is why the more people use Fire Chat, the better and the larger the network becomes (unlike with cellular networks).

Sad :( Every emergency disaster there is a great number of users but then they leave because this app is not modern and enough to use.

And simply finding your friends and family on here requires special tricks and know-how instead of a easy to use search box.

The developers and owners have lost all interest in this project from the signs of the development.

I’m sure I could do a better job implementing new needed fractures and making this app sticky and usable.

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